My little friends

in the mirror

A mirror book for babies, beautifully written, illustrated and designed.


Who’s that baby in the mirror?

My Little Friends in the Mirror is a fun and interactive mirror book for babies that encourages play with their favourite friend – their own reflection!


Babies don’t recognize their own reflection until they are around 2 years old, so a mirror becomes an ever-entertaining playmate who is also great for learning and development.

Learning stage 1:

0-3 months

Recognising faces

and gestures

Learning stage 2:

3-9 months

Play and


Learning stage 3:

9-18 months

Animal noises

and repetition

This is a tough board book with non-glass mirrors, designed to withstand baby drool and toddler tantrums. With a mirror on every face, you and baby can roar, snuffle and chuckle along with fun animal characters - some adults find it just as fun as the baby!


The story behind the book

Somewhere deep in the fog of the sleep deprivation of early parenthood, a crazy little idea came to life about creating a mirror book for babies...


We were two first time mums who met at a local parents group in Brunswick, Australia. We noticed our little ones were absolutely OBSESSED with mirrors – constantly giggling, kissing and dancing with their ready-made friends in the mirror. But we couldn't find a good mirror book anywhere!


So we set out to make a board book just for babies which was jammed full of mirrors to play with!

We quickly discovered why mirrors are so uncommon in books – it's difficult to find good-quality non-glass mirrors and pretty costly to integrate them into board books. Lucky for us, the  idea of a mirror book struck a chord with others, and 190 wonderfully generous supporters of our crowdfunding campaign helped us to fund the illustration and batch printing of My Little Friends in the Mirror.


We were privileged to team up with a super talented illustrator, Michelle Carlslund to create fabulous animal characters for the book. Then after negotiating the strange worlds of specialist  printing and bulk importing, we also found a great printer who was willing to put in the time and effort to produce such a complex mirror book. Early in 2019, our mad little idea became a reality! We are pretty smitten with it, and we hope it creates lots of baby giggles and slobbery toddler kisses in a home near you.